IPv6 enabled ChimeraCamino

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NOTE: I have stopped updating this page because current Mozilla (and Camino) and panther are well supported IPv6. I don't have to maintain a special version of mozilla any more.
2003/01/10 Tsuyoshi MOMOSE

What's New

Brief Description

Camino (formerly known as 'Chimera') is now underdeveloping yet another web browser for MacOS X. Current Camino now supports IPv6 officially, you can enjoy IPv6 with this official Camino or Mozilla. But the official ones have a problem that it can't access to a host which has only AAAA record because of MacOS X bugs. The binary distributed here is involved a workaround to fix the problem.

Building IPv6 Camino

Building IPv6 enabled Camino is very easy. All you have to do are downloading source tree, applying this patch, and build it as described here.
This patch should be applicable to Mozilla or FireBird as well, but not confirmed.

Binary download

Building camino takes so long time. I build camino binary about a month and put it here for your convinience.

This download service will be stopped when official camino or mozilla binary supports IPv6 capability.

Latest: http://www.momose.org/camino-v6.dmg.gz
This is linked to the latest one.
2003/08/01 camino-v6-20030801.dmg.gz 8.9MB
2003/06/07 camino-v6-20030607.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2003/04/20 camino-v6-20030420.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2003/02/23 chimera-v6-20030223.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2003/02/07 chimera-v6-20030207.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2003/01/09 chimera-v6-20030109.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2002/12/29 chimera-v6-20021229.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2002/12/15 chimera-v6-20021215.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2002/12/09 chimera-v6-20021209.dmg.gz 9.3MB
2002/12/05 chimera-v6-20021205.dmg.gz 9.6MB
2002/11/28 chimera-v6-20021128.dmg.gz 9.6MB
2002/11/19 chimera-v6-20021119.dmg.gz 9.5MB
2002/11/11 chimera-v6-20021111.dmg.gz 8.9MB
2002/11/05 chimera-v6-20021105.dmg.gz 8.8MB
2002/10/29 chimera-v6-20021029.dmg.gz 8.8MB
2002/10/16 chimera-v6-20021016.dmg.gz 8.9MB

Known Problems

None ! :-)


MOMOSE Tsuyoshi
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