MacOS X IPv6 Problems list

$Id: ipv6-problems.html,v 1.14 2009/02/14 13:36:15 t-momose Exp $
The IPv6 features on MacOS X works well generally. However, there are several problems in some points.

Lepard (10.5)

Until now, I couldn't find any serious problems regarding IPv6 on Leopard. A few applications doesn't seem to have IPv6 capability yet.

Tiger (10.4)

In Tiger, most applicaitons including Safari work on IPv6 very well. I think Tiger is the best operating system for consumers to use in IPv6 environment at this time.
...But, unfortunately, there remain several problems yet.

Panther (10.3)

Jaguar (10.2)

I expect all of this problems are fixed by next release, Panther. If you found other IPv6 related problems on MacOS X, please let me know them via email.
MOMOSE Tsuyoshi